South Dakota Appeals

Did the Court rule against you in a civil or criminal matter? Regardless of whether you had a lawyer helping you on your case, you have the right to an appeal in South Dakota. The timelines for an appeal are short, usually thirty days, and it is important that you follow all the rules related to properly appealing the judge's decision.

The rules for taking an appeal and reversing a lower court's judgment are very technical. This is one area where it is not in a party's best interest to proceed without an experienced appeal attorney. Since appeals are largely document focused, and depend less on location, we are able to handle appeals arising anywhere in the state of South Dakota.

Appeals Lawyers for South Dakota and the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals

Attorneys at Helsper, McCarty and Rasmussen have many years of experience handling appeals in State and Federal court. In addition to helping our own clients correct incorrect decisions, we also help other clients who we did not represent at the trial level. We even help other lawyers prepare appeals, particularly if they are not familiar with the special local rules that apply in South Dakota.