Workplace Injury Lawyers

The South Dakota workplace injury attorneys at Helsper, McCarty, and Rasmussen Law Firm handle every type of job-related injury. If you are injured on the job, it is important that you seek the help of a qualified medical professional. In South Dakota, your employer is required to provide all reasonable and necessary medical care for your workplace injury. Of course, your employer might not voluntarily send you to a doctor. As skilled workers' compensation attorneys, our legal team can help ensure that your employer and the insurance company provide you with care from skilled and specialized medical professionals who will help to alleviate your pain and restore you to your pre-injury state.

Common Workplace Injuries in South Dakota

Spinal Cord Injuries
Spinal cord injuries include injuries to the neck and back, and can arise from a number of circumstances on the job including lifting, falling, or even cumulative trauma. Spinal cord injuries are often treated with physical therapy, injections, and pain medications. In some serious cases, spinal cord injuries can require surgery.

Carpal Tunnel and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndrome are injuries to your arms and hands and are generally caused by repetitive use. This means that the injuries arise over time with no specific traumatic event causing the injury.

Knee Injuries
Knee injuries including torn cartilage, meniscal tears, ligament tears, sprains, strains, tendinitis, and fractures.

Traumatic Head Injuries
Traumatic head and brain injuries can be quite serious and can lead to memory loss, seizures, severe headaches, slurred speech, and dizziness. Any or all of these symptoms could prevent you from returning to you job.

Fractures to various parts on the body including the arms, hands, ankles, legs, etc., can leave you unable to work and in need of medical care.

Workplace Deaths
Some workplace injuries are so severe they result in death. In the event that an employee dies on the job, his or her dependants are entitled to workers’ compensation dependency benefits and funeral expenses.

South Dakota Workplace Injury Attorneys

No matter what your particular injuries are, or the circumstances of your workplace accident, it is essential that you consult a South Dakota workplace injury attorney as soon as possible. Your initial consultation with an attorney at Helsper, McCarty, and Rasmussen Law Firm is always free, and we will strive to do whatever we can to alleviate the stress and difficulty of your situation so you can move on with your life.

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