Why a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Legal counsel is a right that all Americans have under the U.S. Constitution and exercising this right is an important part of balancing the justice system. Criminal defense attorneys nationwide work hard to ensure that defendants are given the full protection and granted all the rights that the Constitution has to offer.

If you have been contacted by law enforcement as part of a criminal investigation, have been placed under arrest, or have a loved one charged with a crime, consulting a legal professional is the first action you should take. Regardless of the criminal matter or the point in the criminal process, obtaining the legal advice of a criminal defense attorney can make all the difference.

At the very least, you can find out what you are facing and whether legal representation is necessary. You can receive legal counsel regarding whether to allow a search and seizure. A criminal defense attorney can also represent you during police questioning to ensure you do not make self-incriminating statements.

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