Stalking & Protection Orders in South Dakota

Stalking Laws in South Dakota

Stalking accusation are quite common in South Dakota and taken extremely seriously by the legal system. Stalking is defined as “willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly following or harassing another person by the means of any verbal, electronic, digital media, mechanical, telegraphic, or written communication.

Protection or Restraining Orders in South Dakota

Has a restraining order been filed against you? You have the right to challenge the placement of a permanent order and fight to have it lifted. A restraining order is a type of formal court order that prohibits contact between a victim and an alleged abuser or stalker. The alleged victim of domestic violence, stalking or harassment may seek a restraining order as a way of getting legal protection and prohibiting the person named in the restraining order from coming into contact or within a certain distance of the victim.

Defense for eastern South Dakota Protection Order Violation Charges

If a restraining order has been filed against you, contacting an attorney should be your first course of action. While you may feel that you can reason with the victim, this would be a direct violation of the order which could result in your immediate arrest as well as criminal charges and serious penalties. Instead, contact a South Dakota Protection Order lawyer who can help you to legally challenge the grounds of the order.

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