South Dakota Sex Offenses

Facing criminal charges of a sexual nature can be frightening, confusing and embarrassing. Repercussions of a sex crime accusation on your reputation, job and personal relationships prove extreme. When facing allegations of a sex offense, it is crucial that you exercise your constitutional right to an attorney.

An eastern South Dakota sex crimes lawyer at the Helsper, McCarty and Rasmussen Law Firm Law Firm can act immediately to begin protecting your rights in the face of these serious criminal charges and handle your case with discretion. All too often, people look upon a person accused of a sex crime as already guilty. The truth is that you should be considered innocent until proven guilty and an attorney at our firm can take the necessary steps to help you avoid a conviction.

Sex Crime Defense Attorneys Serving Eastern South Dakota

A conviction for any sex offense is serious. You may face imprisonment, heavy fines, probation, and counseling and will most likely need to register as a sex offender. Having to register as a sex offender can be one of the most lasting and damaging consequences of a sex crime conviction. You will have to register upon your release or completion of your jail sentence and will have to re-register at regular intervals in order to avoid further criminal charges. Your contact information, name, address and the crime you were convicted of will all be available for the public to find and view.

Take the necessary action to defend your rights and reputation. Whether you are facing charges involving molestation, child pornography, internet sex crimes, and other sex offenses, contact an eastern South Dakota sex offenses attorney at our firm for a free initial phone consultation regarding your case.

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