Estate Planning for Blended & Non-traditional Families

The idea of the traditional American family has changed quite drastically over the years. When couples with children from previous marriages blend their families, or a family decides to adopt, the estate planning for their new family can present a variety of issues. Addressing these issues and other estate planning challenges requires the assistance of a skilled estate planning attorney.

Experienced Attorneys

Effective estate planning for blended and non-traditional families can be complicated, even in families where everyone appears to get along. Suspicion and hostility among siblings, half-siblings and step-siblings can be so great that many couples simply delay dealing with inheritance matters until it is too late.

We will discuss your specific estate planning needs and explain how the law applies to issues such as inheritance taxes and asset distribution for unmarried partners, step-children and adopted children. As experienced estate planning and probate attorneys, the Helsper, McCarty and Rasmussen Law Firm offers our clients the assistance they need in addressing the many legal issues facing blended and non-traditional families.

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