South Dakota Wills

Do I need a Will?

A Will, also known as your last Will and testament, is considered a legal document which lists how you wish your personal belongings and assets to be distributed, and to whom. Anyone over the age of 18 may create a Will to protect their property. There are certain legal guidelines that need to be complied with in order for a Will to be considered legal and binding in a Probate Court.

Do I need an Attorney to prepare a Will?

While it may not be absolutely necessary to have an attorney present when creating a Will, it is highly recommended. Since your Will is an important legal document, an attorney can guarantee that the method it which your Will is prepared and executed are correct to avoid errors. If the wording is wrong or the document is drafted or signed improperly, there is a chance that it may be held as invalid in probate court.

South Dakota Estate Planning Attorneys

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