South Dakota Legal Separation Lawyer

Divorce vs. Legal Separation Attorneys Brookings, SD

Instead of spending time and money on a divorce, many people choose a legal separation. Divorce is defined as the legal termination or dissolution of marriage. Once people obtain a divorce, they will no longer be married according to the law. However, when spouses go through a legal separation, they remain married, but live separately.

Why do People legally separate?

There are a variety of reasons why someone may choose legal separation over divorce. First, they may wish to stay married due to religious beliefs but legally separate to avoid divorce. Second, they may wish to continue receiving income tax benefits or tax deductions for being married. Lastly, they may decide to remain married for their children.

Legal separation issues can be very complex. An experienced legal separation lawyer from the Helsper, McCarty and Rasmussen Law Firm will be able to walk you through the steps of a legal separation and will help to resolve any conflicts that may arise.

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