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When a child custody and/or support battle ensues, paternity can often come into question. The family courts will require a paternity test to be administered before cases involving child custody and child support will be allowed to proceed. Paternity testing allows someone to prove or disprove their biological relationship with a child. Once paternity is established, then a parent may pursue a child custody and/or child support issue.

How Paternity is Established

There are two different types of paternity tests used to compare DNA to prove or disprove parentage. The first type of test is a PCR test which is performed by swabbing the inside of a person’s cheek to collect DNA. The second test is a RFLP test. This requires taking a blood sample to test the DNA. Once a DNA test is read, the results are up to 99.99% accurate and will confirm the biological paternity of a child.

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