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The current economic turmoil has left many individuals struggling to make their monthly house payments. Delinquent mortgages, home foreclosures and defaults on commercial real estate loans are now common occurrences. The Helsper, McCarty and Rasmussen Law Firm is a strong resource for lenders who must take action to protect their financial interests. For sound, resourceful legal counsel regarding nonperforming mortgages and other loans, contact our experienced legal team.

Experienced Legal Representation

Our law firm represents institutional and individual lenders in connection with real property foreclosure sales as well as other actions dealing with delinquent home loans and nonpayment of notes on commercial property. With decades of experience in South Dakota real estate law, our legal team is well equipped to provide the following services:

  • Research and analyze your specific circumstances and explain all viable legal options.
  • Represent you in loan modification or negotiations with the borrower.
  • Assist in short sales to recover as much of your investment as possible.
  • Thoroughly review all aspects of a deed in lieu of foreclosure or other proposed solution before you accept the transaction and terms.
  • Pursue and complete foreclosure proceedings driven by delinquent home equity loans.

Our thorough understanding of the legal requirements of foreclosure enables us to help resolve your problems with maximum efficiency. As a full-service real estate resource for you, we can navigate both the foreclosure lawsuit and non-judicial requirements relevant to your property and loan. Whether you need help with a single foreclosure or you are a lender with ongoing needs in this area, we invite you to consult with us for practical guidance and decisive action.

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