Coping with a Disability

At the Helsper, McCarty, and Rasmussen Law Firm, we will fight hard to ensure that you obtain the greatest benefit for your disability. In addition, our firm tries to create a supportive and encouraging atmosphere, including suggestions on coping with your disability.

Taking Charge of Your Disability

When talking with your doctor, do not be afraid to ask questions about your medical care. Your chances of recovering rise with understanding why you are ill and how the treatment works. Make a decision about which doctor is the best one for you.

Gathering Family and Friends Around You for Support.

Share your fears and troubles with others who care about you. A strong support system is an important part of any recovery.

Practicing Techniques for Achieving Inner Peace

If you are religious, prayer is helpful. Keep a daily journal of thoughts and feelings; feel free to write anything you want. Practice breathing and meditation techniques.

Using Affirmations

Write down positives about something somebody did for you, something that happened to you, something you did for someone else, or something you did for yourself.

To learn more about coping with a disability or to learn whether your condition qualifies you to receive SSD or SSI benefits, contact Helsper, McCarty, and Rasmussen Law Firm for experienced, compassionate representation.