Do I have a South Dakota SSDI case?

South Dakota Disability Benefits Attorney

If you have a mental or physical condition that renders you unable to work, a lawyer can let you know whether you have a case for Social Security Disability benefits.

At Helsper, McCarty, and Rasmussen Law Firm, we will fight hard to get the greatest benefit for you. We will also ensure that you feel encouraged and calm as well as educated in all aspects of your case. Contact our South Dakota disability benefits attorneys to learn whether you have a Social Security Disability case and therefore whether you are eligible to receive SSD or SSI benefits.

Do I Qualify for Disability Benefits?

To have a case, you must first have a disability that has already or is likely to keep you from working for at least one year. You must also have a substantial work history prior to the disability and you must be incapable of performing any other employment outside of that which you are accustomed to in your geographical area.

Our firm generates many Social Security cases out of our workers' compensation practice. We can inform you as to the coordination of workers' comp and Social Security cases and help you file for both. For a workman's comp injury, you do not have to be out of work and you do not have to be totally disabled. We can take on your case before it is denied and can also help you with a denied disability claim that was turned down on reconsideration.

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