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Burn injuries are not only very painful to sustain, but can also have adverse side effects like physical disfigurement and scarring. Aside from external damage, people may develop internal injuries such as nerve damage after suffering a serious burn injury. The type and severity of side effects will depend upon the degree of the burn.

Degrees of Burns And Law

All burns are categorized by degrees that range from first degree to fourth degree. A first degree burn is considered the least severe. People tend to get first degree burns when they stay out in the sun too long or place their hands on a hot object for a second or two. First degree burns heal within days and do not usually require medical attention.

Second degree burns are slightly more severe than first degree. When a person has a second degree burn, his or her skin may appear red and blister. Within a few weeks, second degree burns will heal and should not lead to further complications.

Third degree burns are serious and destroy both the first and second layers of the epidermis (skin). When someone sustains third degree burns, they will not only have to endure immense pain, but may be left with permanent scars on the areas of their body that were burned. Third degree burns require immediate medical treatment and may lead to further internal damage if the burn penetrated through the muscles or bones.

The last degree of a burn is a fourth degree burn and is known to damage the muscles, tissue, nerves and also bones. When someone incurs fourth degree burns, they may develop what is known as compartment syndrome, which can lead to death or people having their burned limbs amputated.

Burn Injury Attorneys Brookings, SD

Due to the fact that burn injuries are so painful and can lead to numerous financial setbacks, if you think your serious burn injuries were caused by another person’s negligence, you should always seek immediate counsel from a skilled personal injury lawyer.

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