South Dakota Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

In the U.S., countless seniors are placed in nursing homes each day. When families put their elderly loved ones into nursing homes or elder facilities, they expect that the homes will provide sufficient care for their loved ones. They generally feel that while in these homes their loved ones will receive better treatment and medical care than if they were to live with their families. However, the shocking reality is that sometimes, senior citizens are subjected to what is referred to as "nursing home abuse." This is when a lawyer with experience in personal injury cases can help.

What is Nursing Home Abuse Law?

Nursing home abuse is any type of physical, mental, verbal, financial or sexual maltreatment that occurs within a nursing home or elderly care facility. There are numerous reasons why nursing home abuse occurs and is prevalent in many states. First, many nursing homes are understaffed, which means that some residents may be neglected. Second, some employees of nursing homes are negligent or act in a manner that is abusive. Unless this abuse is reported, it is likely to continue. Finally, many families do not realize that their elderly loved ones are victims of nursing home abuse until it is too late. If families notice the signs of physical abuse or neglect, they can take necessary actions to stop it.

Nursing Home Injury Attorneys Brookings, SD

The Helsper, McCarty and Rasmussen Law Firm knows that sometimes the elderly are subjected to abuse while in nursing homes that is not only callous, but also illegal. We aim to put an end to nursing home abuse and in cases where clients have been seriously injured, we work tirelessly to hold the nursing home and their staff accountable. We firmly believe that nursing home abuse is cruel and should never be tolerated.

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