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Every year, numerous people are injured during slip and fall accidents. Simple things such as walking down a flight of stairs or walking through store aisles can result in a person slipping or tripping and then falling. Once a person has been involved in a slip and fall accident, he or she may sustain very serious injuries. In fact, many slip and fall victims incur debilitating head injuries, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries when they hit the ground. Injuries like these can be painful and difficult to recover from. They may require continual medical treatment, which is why slip and fall accidents are always considered very serious.

Slip & Fall Injury Law

Once someone has been injured during slip and fall accidents, they may wonder who is accountable, especially if the accident occurred on another person’s property. According to the law, property owners may be held liable for the accident if some conditions are met. First, the owner of the property must have caused the dangerous condition that led to the slip and fall accident. For example, if a floor is wet at a store and someone slips and falls, the owner or an employee must have caused the wet surface. Second, the owner of the property must have known that the condition existed and must have done nothing to fix the condition. Finally, the owner of the property must have known about the dangerous condition and have taken care of it, just as a reasonable person would do in the same circumstance or else it would be considered negligent.

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If some of these conditions are met, victims of slip and fall accidents may be allowed to file personal injury claims to collect compensation for their painful injuries. Victims may recover compensation for their medical expenses and even their pain and suffering. However, in order to collect damages you must be successful with your lawsuit, which is not easy. Therefore, it is always in the victims best interests to hire a slip and fall accident attorney who can protect their rights and fight for the best outcome possible.

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