South Dakota Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Over the years, there has been a significant increase on the amount of motorcycles present on the roadways. While riding their motorcycles, bikers rarely anticipate being involved in an accident. However, many motorcycle accidents are reported in South Dakota each year. While many people assume that motorcyclists are rebels and cause the majority of motorcycle accidents, the truth is that the leading cause of motorcycle accidents is auto driver negligence. Drivers of cars, trucks and SUVs often partake in reckless driving behaviors while driving near motorcyclists which can lead to major collisions.

After a motorcycle accident has occurred, the motorcyclist is generally the person who will be most at risk for sustaining injuries or being killed. Unlike drivers of automobiles, motorcyclists are not enclosed by strong metal, which means that their bodies take the brunt of the impact. Due to this fact, many motorcycle accidents lead to catastrophic injuries, like head injuries, spinal cord injuries and even brain injuries. Injuries like these require immediate and persistent medical treatment and may be permanent in nature. This means that after incurring injuries from their motorcycle accidents, a motorcyclist’s life will change forever.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Brookings, SD

Anytime someone has been injured during a motorcycle accident, and they suspect that negligence played a role in their accident, they should take the time to discuss their case with a skilled personal injury lawyer. The Helsper, McCarty and Rasmussen Law Firm provides a confidential case evaluation to all prospective clients. During case evaluations, victims can ask pressing questions and receive legal insight from our experienced South Dakota motorcycle accident lawyers. We will advise victims of their legal rights and start to explain their options. Should we feel that they have a strong case, we will provide them with aggressive representation and ongoing counsel.

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